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Strozzapreti with pistachio pesto

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Strozzapreti with pistachio pesto

Author: Guido Boschetti



Total time:

30 min


1 Serving


200 g of Pistachio
Lemon zest
100 ml of Tipico IT’s Extra virgin olive oil
3 Basil leaves
Black pepper
35 g of Tipico IT’s Grana Padano
1/2 Clove of garlic
100 ml of Water
Fine salt



In order to make the pistachio paste, start putting a pot full of water on the gas. Once the water starts boiling, pour the peeled pistachios in it. Let them cook for five minutes, so as they can get softened.


Subsequently drain them and transfer them in a mixer; then add the olive oil, the grated Granetta di Vacca, the basil leaves, a clove of garlic et the lemon zest.


Activate the blades for some minutes and then pour in the water. Afterwards, pour some salt and pepper and then activate once again the blades. Blend the mixture until you obtain a smooth cream.


At this point pour the strozzapreti in boiling and salted water. Once they are cooked, drain and season them with the previously prepared pistachio pesto At this point, serve them hot with a handful of Granetta di Vacca according your taste.


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