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Saffran Tagliatelle with sausage and Bagòss

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Saffran Tagliatelle with sausage and Bagòss

Author: Guido Boschetti



Total time:

40 min


1 Portions


60 g Butter
2 Bags of Saffron powder
2 Small branches of Rosemary
1 Piece of Shallot
As required Vegetable broth
As required Salt and pepper



Melt the butter in a pot, unite the minced shallot and lightly fry. Crumble the sausage, pour the product in the pot and add a little bit of hot broth. Perfume with the rosemary, add the salt and the pepper and continue the cooking.


Unite the cheeses: the sliced Bagòss (without the crust) and the stracchino in pieces. Continue the cooking at moderate heat until the cheeses turn liquid. If it is necessary, you can add a little bit of broth. Add the saffron powder to the salted and hot water, cook the Tagliatelle and drain the pasta al dente.


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