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Pear and cocoa cake


Pear and cocoa cake

Author: Guido Boschetti



Total time:

45 min


1 Serving


170 g of Tipico IT’s 00 Flour
20 g of Bitter cocoa
8 g of Yeast for sweets
120 g of Tipico IT’s Butter
120 g of sugar
2 g of salt
3 Entire eggs
2 Pears
30 g of chocolate chips



First of all, switch on your oven in static mode at 180°C. Grease and cover with flour the mould and put it aside. Let the butter melt and put it aside.


Wash and peel the pears and cut them into slices. Then, take a bowl and pour in some sugar, the entire eggs, the flour, the cocoa, the yeast, the salt and the melted butter.


Subsequently with the help of a pair of whisks, whisk the ingredients until they are well mixed with each other.


At this point, pour half of the mixture in the previously buttered mould and pour a part of the pear slices. Then, pour the remaining mixture and cover the surface with the other pear slices.


In the end, sprinkle your pear cake with some chocolate chips and bake at 180°C for 30-35 minutes. After the time has passed, your pear and cocoa cake is ready to be tasted.


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