Cold cuts - Goose

Smoked goose breast with herbs

Codice prodotto: 002136

Fresh goose breast, which is marinated with herbs, salt, pepper. The product is cooked like a roast-beef and slightly smoked through traditional method.

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Matured goose breast


Matured goose breast

It is produced through the maturation of the goose breast in specific rooms, after a dry marinating process with salt, pepper and natural aromas.

Goose filet


Goose filet "baciato"

It is composed by a mixture of lean goose meat, lean pork meat and pork fat. After being salted and peppered, the mixture is used to envelop a previously-salted goose breast.

Mortara cooked goose salami PGI


Mortara cooked goose salami PGI

The goose salami of Mortara is composed by lean goose meat, pork fat and pork meat. After being weighed, the meat is minced in an homogeneous way and processed with salt, pepper and natural aromas. Then the meat is stuffed into the goose neck.

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