Something new to discover: the Grana Padano cheese sheet


Something new to discover: the Grana Padano cheese sheet

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Have you ever heard about Tipico It’s Grana Padano cheese sheet?

If your answer is negative, there is no problem, today we will discover this prestigious delicacy.

The Grana Padano cheese sheet, known also as Raspadura, is obtained from the Grana Padano cheese that presents a maturation period of 4 to 6-7 months.  

These very thin veils of soft cheese with a very delicate, fragrant and sweet taste, are obtained thanks to the scraping technique, which is done by using a special knife.

The usage methods of this delight are extremely variegated; one can use it to accompany several dishes:

From aperitifs... starters.
From first courses...
And even as garnish on your pizza!

Moreover, one must know that, while for the use of Grana Padano shavings you will need an higher quantity of product, by using the Grana Padano cheese sheet you will get the chance to garnish your dishes with a minimum quantity of product.

Being lactose free, it is a unique product that can be consumed by everyone, even by those who are intolerant to lactose.

Are you curious to discover the manufacturing method of this extraordinary originality? You just have to click on the link below to discover the marvellous world that lies behind this delicacy, only by Tipico IT.

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