Discovering Tipico IT’s Mortadella…


Discovering Tipico IT’s Mortadella…

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As we all know, Italian people have a great passion for cold cuts, and among them there is definitely Mortadella. Tipico IT’s Mortadella, rigorously of Emilian origin, carries over fifty years of experience and passion, since it is carefully crafted by the expert hands of little craftsmen, who every single day bring on the table a genuine product with an irresistible scent.

Our Mortadella is made through the use of swine born, raised and butchered exclusively in Italy, in order to guarantee the control of the production process in the breeding methods and in the animal feeding.

With the aim of making it accessible to all types of consumers, it is gluten free and lactose free, as well as without added polyphosphates.

In order to satisfy the demands of all tastes, Tipico IT, besides having the classic Mortadella with black pepper grains, offers even a variety with fine ingredients, such as truffle and Bronte’s pistachio.  

Regardless of the chosen variety, it is a delicacy available in different formats, made with selected pork meat, cooked and stuffed in a hand-tied bovine natural bladder.

Mortadella can be served sliced or in cubes for cocktails or appetizers, but it is also used in many recipes of first and second courses, as well as for filling sandwiches or to accompany the gnocco fritto.

This long digression makes your mouth water? You just need to contact us in order to taste this irresistible delicacy, only by Tipico IT!

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