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Paccheri with zucchini cream, gorgonzola and crunchy pancetta

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Paccheri with zucchini cream, gorgonzola and crunchy pancetta

Author: Guido Boschetti



Total time:

25 min


1 Portions


350 g of Tipico IT's fresh pasta
2 Zucchini
100 g of Tipico IT's Pancetta
100 g of Tipico IT's Sweet gorgonzola
Tipico IT's Granetta di vacca
Tipico IT’s Extra virgin olive oil



Put some water to boil for the pasta. On the other hand, wash and cut the zucchini into rings. Stir them fry with some oil and salt, until they become soft. Then add some hot water and blend with the help of an immersion blender until you obtain a smooth cream.


In another pan brown the pancetta with some oil.


Then take the gorgonzola cut into pieces and let it melt; if necessary, then add a ladle of the pasta cooking water.


In the meantime, drop the paccheri in the salted water; then, once cooked, drain them al dente and pour them in the pan, where previously you prepared the gorgonzola and pour on the top the zucchini cream.


Subsequently add the pancetta, a sprinkling of granetta di vacca and stir the pasta fry for some seconds in the pan. At this point, your pasta is ready to be enjoyed.


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