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Gnocchi with Gricia

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Gnocchi with Gricia

Author: Guido Boschetti



Total time:

20 min


1 Portions


320 g of Tipico IT's fresh gnocchi
250 g of Tipico IT’s Guanciale
60 g of Tipico IT's Gran Capra
Fine salt



To prepare pasta with Gricia, first place a pot full of water on the stove to cook the pasta.


Now take the Guanciale and cut it into slices 1 cm thick. Then separate any rind and cut the slices into strips about half a cm thick.


In a preheated frying pan pour the Guanciale, without adding any more fat; let it sizzle on a medium heat for about ten minutes until it is golden and crispy, being careful not to burn it.


In the meantime, the water has come to the boil, add salt and cook the pasta; while the pasta is cooking, finely grate the Gran Capra.


When the gnocchi are ready, drain them and pour them over the bacon.


Saute for about 1 minute, shaking the pan and stirring. Then remove the pan from the heat and sprinkle with a third of the Gran Capra.


Stir and toss the gnocchi again, you will notice that a tasty creamy mixture has formed. You can plate the pasta alla Gricia and garnish each plate with the remaining Gran Capra.


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