Ingredient: Tablespoon of sugar

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Bignè with hazelnut cream


Bignè with hazelnut cream

Author: Guido Boschetti



Total time:

90 min


6 Portions


For the bignè
2 Eggs
50 g Butter
1 Tablespoon of sugar
100 g of water
1 Pinch of fine salt
For the hazelnut cream
500 ml of Milk
6 Yellow eggs
50 g of hazelnut paste
200 g of sugar
1 Vanilla bean


For the bignè

First of all dedicate yourself to the bignè preparation: in order to prepare the choux pastry, pour some water, some milk, some sugar and salt in a pan. Then add the butter cut into cubes and boil everything. At this point, add the flour at once and mix well with a wooden spoon. In order to avoid the creation of lumps, mix rapidly and cook the roux until a white patina appears on the bottom of the pan.


Transfer the obtained mixture in a bowl and add an egg per time mixing it with a spoon in order to incorporate it. At the beginning, the mixture will appear separated, but continue to mix it. Only when the egg will be completely absorbed, you can add the next one. Once added all the eggs, you will obtain a smooth and solid dough.


Now transfer it in a pastry bag. Take a baking tray and line it with baking paper. Take the pastry bag and start filling the tray, by squeezing some mixture and forming little dough balls well-spaced and walnut-sized.


Once filled the tray, with a wet spoon, press gently the balls surface, so that you can create the tip of the bignè. Subsequently, whisk a yellow egg with some water in a little bowl and use the mixture to brush the bignè surface. Warm up the oven in fan mode at 220°C. Once hot, lower the temperature to 180°C and bake your bignè. Cook for about 20-25 minutes. Take your bignè out and let them cool before using them.

For the cream

To prepare the cream: in a little pan bring to boil some milk with a vanilla bean. In a bowl, instead, mix sugar, flour and stracchino cheese. Subsequently add the yellow eggs and mix everything well. Once the milk has started boiling, pour in the mixture of the bowl; mix everything by using a whisk until the cream gets thickened.


Once your cream is ready, add the hazelnut paste and let it rest by cooling it down.


At this point take your bignè and come the cream out of the fridge, pour it in a sac à poche and start filling every single bignè by making a little hole in the bottom. Your bignè with hazelnut cream are ready to be served.


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