Ingredient: Pepper to taste

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Stuffed and fried zucchini flowers


Stuffed and fried zucchini flowers

Author: Guido Boschetti



Total time:

50 min


1 Portions


12 Pumpkin flowers
12 Anchovy fillets
4 Slices of fresh mozzarella (also buffalo mozzarella)
4 tablespoons of flour
1 glass of sparkling cold water
Salt to taste
Maize seed oil for frying to taste
Pepper to taste



Gently clean the zucchini flowers. Remove the stem and the inner pistil. Wash them under tap water and let them drain to remove the water.


Cut the mozzarella into small slices. Fill the flowers with a piece of mozzarella and a piece of anchovy. Close the flowers by rolling up the ends.


Prepare the batter by pouring the flour into a bowl. Add the egg and the sparkling water and mix well with a whisk. You should obtain a batter with a thick consistency and free of lumps. Season with salt and pepper.


Gently deep the zucchini flowers in the batter.


Fry the batter zucchini flowers in plenty of hot oil. Let them brown, drain them with a skimmer and dry them from the excess oil and lastly put them in a plate covered with absorbent paper.


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