Ingredient: of Tipico IT’s raw ham

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White pizza with raw ham, Granetta di capra's flakes and outgoing buffalo's Perline

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White pizza with raw ham, Granetta di capra's flakes and outgoing buffalo's Perline

Author: Guido Boschetti



Total time:

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For the dough
265 g of Tipico IT’s remilled durum wheat semolina
85 g of Tipico IT’s 00 Flour with W 280
215 g of Water
12 g of fine salt
6 g of Fresh brewer’s yeast
25 g of Tipico IT’s Extra virgin olive oil
For the garnishing
Tipico IT’s Extra virgin olive oil
250 g of Tipico IT’s Mozzarella Fior di Latte
Fine salt
25 g of Tipico IT’s raw ham
50 g of Tipico IT’s Buffalo perline
20 g of Tipico IT’s Granetta di Capra’s flakes



In order the long leavening pizza, pour the semolina and the 00 flour in a bowl. Then, add the crushed fresh brewer’s yeast and pouring the water at room temperature, start to knead.


When you will have obtained a homogenous mixture, add the salt and the oil. Knead well for some minutes, in order to make the ingredients absorb well.


Transfer the dough on the work surface and use a bowl to cover it. Then wait for 15 minutes and afterwards leave the bowl. At this point, do a round of folds: raise the dough, beat it gently on the work surface and stretch it delicately forwards. Repeat this step until it becomes smooth. After obtaining a round shape, transfer the dough in a bowl, cover it with some cling film and leave it to rise for two hours at room temperature. The, put it in the fridge for 24 hours.


At this point, remove the dough from the fridge, invert it on the work surface and divide it into half. Model the two portions of dough, in order to obtain a round shape. Put them on a tray, cover them with a cloth and let them rise for other two hours.


In the meantime, cut the mozzarella into slices and transfer them in a strainer put over a bowl, in order to eliminate all the excessive liquid. Then turn the oven in static mode on and let it warm up until it reaches a temperature of 250°C.


Afterwards, take one of the leavened dough balls and put it on the work surface sprinkled with some semolina. Add a pinch of semolina on the ball and stretch it by pressing it gently with your hands. Start from the centre and widen it outwards, without pressing too much the borders. Afterwards, garnish it with the Mozzarella Fior di Latte and let it cook in oven for 15 minutes. Now, take the pizza out from the oven and garnish it with some slices of Prosciutto Crudo, the Buffalo’s Perline, some Granetta di Capra’s flakes and some basil leaves. Your pizza is ready to be served.


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