Ingredient: of Mixed minced meat

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Polpettone with artichokes, speck and smoked scamorza

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Polpettone with artichokes, speck and smoked scamorza

Author: Guido Boschetti



Total time:

120 min


1 Portions


1 kg of Mixed minced meat
4 Artichokes
100 g of Tipico IT’s speck
300 g of Tipico IT’s Smoked scamorza
1 Egg
50 g of Tipico IT’s Granetta di vacca
Tipico IT’s breadcrumbs



First of all, start cleaning the artichokes, cut them in thin slices and stir-fry with some oil. Then pour some salt and once cooked, keep them aside.


In a bowl, pour the minced meat and mix it with an egg, the Granetta di vacca, salt and the breadcrumbs, until you obtain a compact mixture.


Subsequently, take a plumcake mould and cover it with some baking paper. Then pour the speck slices so as to cover the entire bottom. A part of them, instead, will have to remain outside, so as to pour on them the minced meat and close the mixture.


Now that you have set the speck slices in the plumcake mould, take the previously prepared mixture of minced meat and pour half of it in the mould, laying it carefully on the set slices. Then pour over the previously prepared artichokes and some slices of smoked scamorza.


Then create another layer in the same way, setting before the meat and then the artichokes with scamorza slices. The last layer will be that of minced meat.


Once you have consumed all the ingredients for making the different layers, lift the speck slices set on the sides of the mould and cover the entire meat mixture in order to enclose it.v


In the end, cover your polpettone with some baking paper and let it cook at 180°C for one hour and half. Once ready, before unmoulding and cutting it, let it cool down.


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