Ingredient: of acacia Honey

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Bruschette with sweet Prosciutto Crudo, Dolce Nuvola and figs


Bruschette with sweet Prosciutto Crudo, Dolce Nuvola and figs

Author: Guido Boschetti



Total time:

25 min


1 Portions


200 g of Durum wheat bread
200 g of Tipico IT's Dolce Nuvola
200 g of figs
Salt and Pepper
5 g of Chives
20 g of acacia Honey



To prepare the bruschette with figs, sweet Prosciutto Crudo and Dolce Nuvola cheese, start with the preparation of the bread. Cut the loaf of bread in 4 slices of the same thickness. Heat the grill up and toast the bread for a few minutes on each side.


Continue with the preparation of the Dolce nuvola, an artisanal low-fat cheese produced with fresh milk and salt. Wash the chives and chop it finely. Put the chopped chives and the Dolce Nuvola in a bowl and stir, in order to blend all the ingredients. Adjust with salt and pepper


Continue with the preparation of the figs: wash them, cut them in a half and each half in three parts. Drizzle the acacia honey on the figs. Put the figs on the grill and cook them for a few seconds on each side by using the tongs


Take a slice of bread and spread the cream of Dolce Nuvola and chives on it. Lay 2-3 slices of sweet Prosciutto Crudo in the middle of the slice of bread and the figs all around. Serve


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