Ingredient: Blueberries

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Zabaione mousse with mascarpone and amaretti


Zabaione mousse with mascarpone and amaretti

Author: Guido Boschetti



Total time:

120 min


1 Portions


For the Zabaione cream
4 Egg yolks
75 g of Marsala
75 g of sugar
For the Mascarpone cream
250 ml of Tipico IT's fresh cream
250 g of Tipico IT’s Mascarpone
2 tbsp of sugar
100 g of Tipico IT's Amaretti
For garnishing



First of all, start with the Zabaione cream preparation: in a bowl pour the four egg yolks with the sugar and start whipping with the electric whips until you obtain a light and fluffy mixture.


Then add half of the Marsala and continue mixing with the electric whips. Add the remaining Marsala and continue whipping until you obtain a clear and puffy mixture.


Pour some water in a little pan and place it on the heating. Put the bowl with your cream on the pan and cook with the “Bagnomaria” technique, mixing continuously from the bottom to the top with the help of a whip. The zabaione cream will be ready when it will have reached a temperature of 84°C, that is to say when it will have thickened, but in any case, it will remain fluid and not stationary.


At this point, your zabaione cream is ready, so turn off the heating and let it cool down.


Now start the preparation of the zabaione mousse: first of all, chop the amaretti, then start whipping 100ml of fresh cream.


After the moment that your zabaione cream will have cooled down, add 100 g of Mascarpone and mix gently in order to mix everything well. Add also the whipped cream mixing gently from the bottom to the top in order not to deflate the cream and continue like that until you have mixed it well. At this point your mousse is ready and place it in the fridge.


Now start with the mascarpone cream preparation: in a bowl work the left mascarpone with the sugar and the ground amaretti. Whip the left fresh cream and add it to the mascarpone mixture mixing gently. At this point your mascarpone cream is ready.


Now start composing your sweet dish: bring some dessert glasses and place some ground amaretti on the bottom, then pour a layer of mascarpone cream, then another layer of ground amaretti and finally a layer of zabaione mousse.


Put your dessert glasses in the fridge for 2-3 hours and when the time of serving comes, garnish the surface with blueberries.


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